How to take advantage of campus fitness

Friday September 4, 2020

Get active on campus this fall,we’ve got so much to help you on your journey! While things do look a little different from past years, we still have lots of options available.

See what’s available on campus and online.


Hit the gym. The Health and Lifestyle centre (HLC) located in the Minto Sports Complex as well as the Monpetit fitness centre are now open! If you’re interested in working out in a gym environment, these fitness centres have got you covered! Check out the new safety protocols before coming in and be sure to reserve your workout time to avoid disappointment. Note: At this time, fitness centre access is only available to uOttawa students. To cancel your workout session, please call client services at 613-562-5789.

Try intramurals. We have modified our offerings as well as some rules in order to allow participants to practice physical distancing while playing the sports they love. Check out our intramurals page to discover all your options. We have soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, hockey, esports and residents-only leagues.

Take a fitness class.If group fitness is more your jam, join us in person for a fitness class. Check out all our in-person classes here. We are bringing back learn to lift, a variety of dance classes, women’s weight training and more. 

Go for a swim. That’s right, the MNT pool will be open for lane swim as of Sep 9. Please register for a swim slot ahead of time.  


Check out our Virtual fitness classes. Since last April, we’ve been hosting live fitness sessions since April and we’d love to have you join! Check out the full schedule and join our certified instructors for at-home Zumba, yoga, HIIT or EMOM.

Watch a fitness video. We’ve posted a series of fitness videos on youtube and will continue to update the playlist. Give them a try anytime.

Hear from the experts! Join the uOttawa Facebook fitness community and engage with other students who are interested as well as our certified fitness instructors.

There are many other ways that you can be a part of fitness on campus, so remember to do what feels right for you and your goals! We are all in this together!