How intramurals and campus recreation programming enhance my student experience – Owolabby Azeez

Tuesday October 25, 2016
Joueur de basketball habillé en grenat et entouré de joueurs en bleu.
Richard A. Whittaker

I am a 2nd year student who participates in the Individual Men’s Basketball league, I am the captain of the team “Wiggin Out” and we are currently 3-0. My experience with intramurals has been great, unfortunately, I didn’t play last year but made a vow to myself to play this year. Sports can bring a group of strangers together and make them bond as a collective unit. I did not know any players on my team prior to joining intramurals but we’ve really come together and it’s likely that we remain friends beyond the intramural environment. 

In my opinion, as a student, it is almost essential to participate in campus recreation and intramurals because you get the chance to meet and network with new people who you would otherwise have not met. The relationships you build in university are important to help you grow as a student and as an individual – I would argue that it is as important as getting the degree.

I’d definitely recommend intramurals to my friends not only because they’re able to play a sport they may have abandoned in high school and rekindle their joy with that sport, but they are also able to sustain the upkeep of their health which is essential to functioning optimally. 

You missed your chance to register this Fall? Join a team during the Winter semester. Registration runs from January 4th to 12th, 2017.