Get Your Fitness On!

Tuesday January 27, 2015
Gym photo.

Hey Gee-Gees! Did you know that being a student in good standing for the current semester gets you qualified to use the awesome sports facilities here at the University for free? It’s all included within the incidental fees of your tuition! Come drop in for a swim in the pool or check out what is going on at Minto Sports Complex (and more locations), there is always and activity to sign up for or drop into! Take advantage of what the University is offering, the time to get healthy, fit and have fun is now!

Women’s Only Time: Are you looking to get your workout done amongst the girls? That is definitely an option here at the University. Check out our website to find out specific hours and activities that are for women only. Come with your girlfriends or meet some new friends!

Employee Only Time: Feel like working out during a day at the office? As an employee at uOttawa, you are entitled to specific times where its only staff who are allowed to use Montpetit fitness centre. This is a great way to network with co-workers and get to know more colleagues around campus!