Gee-Gees Fencing Camp is in Full Swing!

Monday July 6, 2015

The Gee-Gees summer camp offers a fantastic fencing program that is truly one-of-a-kind in Ottawa! It is offered to youth 10-14 years old and is an introductory level program that teaches the basics of fencing.  Campers will learn about the general rules of the sport, its equipment and its judging.  The camp also hosts a tournament at the end of the week to showcase each camper’s newly acquired skills to their family and friends!   

Paul ApSimon, Coach of Ottawa Fencing and Canada’s national fencing team, leads the camp with members of the uOttawa Fencing Club.  Paul has been at two Olympic Games and will be at his second Pan-Am games this summer in Toronto!

Many campers enjoy fencing because of the rush they get when going up against another competitor!  Watching sword fights in the movies is always exciting, so imagine the rush of doing it in real life! The university will provide all the necessary protective equipment.

Check out fencing camp dates by clicking the following link: