Fitness Centre Etiquette: Respect Comes First

Monday July 9, 2018
A fitness centre patron wipes a machine after using it

When we talk about etiquette, the first things that come to our mind is a chic dinner party, proper rules of etiquette and elegant table manners but, in our case, what we have prepared is a beginner’s guide to the basic rules at the fitness centre. Fitness centre etiquette can be summed up in one word: respect!

Respecting conventions, respecting others, respecting ourselves and respecting our environment—in sports, everything is about respect.

But what is fitness centre etiquette?

First of all, there are rules to follow at the fitness centre. They are clearly displayed and are usually similar from one fitness centre to another. Take time to read these rules and feel free to ask questions.

However, etiquette has more to do with what is not written on paper than what is.

Follow the dress code

Just like in any other public place, there is also a dress code at the fitness centre. Aside from the rules that are already displayed, you should bring clothes that you will only wear at the fitness centre. Don’t wear jeans because buttons, zippers, etc, could cause some surface damage to the upholstery.

No interruptions, please!

Whatever the reason is, there is one rule of etiquette that fitness centre veterans take very seriously: never interrupt them in the middle of a set. It’s as if you were stopping a movie just when the action got started. No one does that, period. If you want to share the equipment, feel free to ask the other patron between their set.

Post only with permission

If you want to post your feats on Instagram, remember that some people don’t want to be in your picture. This might seem like common sense but this rule is not always followed. When you feel like taking a photo or a video of yourself, make sure that no one else is in the camera angle or ask for permission. Show some respect and people will react accordingly.

Stay out of other people’s bubble

There’s nothing worse than having someone standing at two centimetres from you while you are training. We all have our own personal space. Please stay out of other people’s bubble and they will stay out of yours.

Respect and be respected. Fitness centre etiquette is no mystery. It’s a mere logic of respect.

Written by Violène Dauvois