Feel Strength for Life

Thursday September 13, 2018
Erika Pharand

Strength for Life is a NEW weight-training program for all ages and any fitness level. It targets adults who desire to take a step closer to gaining all the benefits of an active lifestyle with the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer. This program takes place twice a week for 12 weeks, lasting 75 minutes per session. It is a personalized weight-training program for mature adults and it takes place in a social atmosphere with like-minded people.

‘’As a personal trainer who works with a variety of clientele, I have a strong admiration for older adults,’’ states Erika Pharand, creator of the program.

‘’My inspiration comes from their endeavor to overcome the stereotype that getting older becomes a barrier to engaging in physically energetic pursuits. My goal as a trainer is to support clients to a level of achievement and confidence, at any age or capacity. My passion for fitness inspired me through the creation of this program,’’ explains Erika.

Erika obtained an Active Aging Certificate through CanFitPro to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge base for this demographic. She learned that strength training builds more than just muscle. It can increase quality and longevity of life, prevent and/or reduce chronic pain, improve flexibility, balance and posture. This program can help to prevent falls, boost overall health through digestion and improve bone density.

Register online or in person at Montpetit Hall 102 or the Minto Sports Complex Client Services desk and come join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Minto Sports Complex starting September 18th, 2018.