Esports, game nights and more!

Thursday March 11, 2021

Did you know that  Gee-Gees Intramurals have been hosting virtual events all throughout the last two semesters? Here’s a look at the activities we’re offering this month! We offer a wide range of virtual games that are great ways to interact with other uOttawa students and offer a fun change the pace to your week.

All of our virtual games events are hosted in English at 7:00 PM and in French at 8:00PM through Zoom.

Learn more about virtual games  and sign up.

If you feel like competing against the best, we also host E-Sports intramural events. What are E-Sports? Any type of competitive video game action between players! The Gee-Gees intramural staff have introduced them as part of the activities line up since last summer and they have seen a lot of success.

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Here’s a quick rundown of what we have scheduled this month!

Virtual Games


Enjoy the thrill of scratching your card to the whims of fates! Our Bingo Nights are hosted twice this month on Monday, March 16thand Wednesday, March 31st. Each Bingo card is themed which encourages friendly banter between the hosts and participants. With prizes on the line, Bingo is a nice activity to zone out and have running in the background while you do other things so why not come and participate!


This is for those who have the itch for doodling or just have a good time cracking a laugh at their own drawing. You don’t need a tablet or anything! Just your mouse and the hope that the other players are on the same wavelength as you. Our virtual Pictionary events are hosted on Tuesday, March 9th and Wednesday, March 24th.


There is no such thing as useless knowledge! Especially when those obscure  facts can help you win at our virtual trivia game! Join us Wednesday, March 10th and Thursday, April 1st  to flex your trivial knowledge facts. 

Price is Right:

We’ve also got a virtual Price is Right session for those game show fans out there! Hosted on Thursday, March 18th come try and guess right for a chance to win (moderately) big!

Among Us:

Calling out all the pseudo detectives out there (or the imposters)! We’re having an Among Us session Tuesday, March 23rd. Come play with us to call out the lies or finesse your way to victory.



FIFA Fridays are happening March 12th, 19th and 26th and are open to all players. Intramural staff will pair you up against other uOttawa students. If FIFA21 is your game be sure to check out the FIFA Showdown Tournament to cap off this intramural session next month on April 3rd-4th.


For those who miss the squeaking sound of sneakers on the basketball court, we’re hosting an NBA2k21 on March 20th-21st. Standard format as part of our virtual Intramural offering for the Winter term.


The NHL21 Bubble tournament happening March 27th-28th. Players will face off until the last one standing is named the champion. The event is capped at 16 players so be sure to join early to avoid disappointment! With prizes on the line, it’s a great way to pull off your hockey plays even if you can’t get on the ice.

Other challenges: 

Luck of the Irish Trick shot challenge:

Feeling lucky? Shoot, kick, bump, flip, roll, catapult, or do whatever you can think of and show us your best TRICK SHOT! Whether you have unreal dangles that lead to an unreal shot on the local ODR, have mastered a crazy-long putt, or have impressive ping-pong ball skills- we want to see it! Find out more and register here!