Don’t Fear the Free Weights

Monday November 20, 2017
Free Weights

You’ve been going to the gym and you use the machines but in the corner of your eye you see them. You see the free weights in all their glory sitting there and calling your name. You want to go over there and use them and experience the ultimate gains of those free weights but fear stands between you and them.

Fear is only a four-letter word.

I know it may be intimidating being alongside the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, who may be curling double your weight, but you only need to focus on yourself. After all, nobody is judging you at the gym, we’re all here to improve our health, strength, and become better versions of ourselves.

Forget fear, step on “the other side”, and reap the benefits of these free weights. While you’re at it, keep these things in mind as well:

1. People are not judging you for the amount of weight you are lifting. Everybody started somewhere.

2. Try lifting heavier weights! That is if you’re comfortable with it. You would be surprised how strong you might be.

3. Keep upping your reps as you progress with your strength.

4. Watch your form in the mirror; make sure it is correct.

5. Get a hardcore playlist to keep you motivated.

That feeling of fear will kick itself out of your mind once you pick up that free weight for the very first time. You’ll surely feel the benefits of this new lifting style and you’ll probably love it. So forget fear and lift on.

Happy lifting!

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