Dare to exercise: how to overcome your fears of the gym

Wednesday June 27, 2018
Guy lifting weights at the gym

Taking the first step toward a healthier and more active lifestyle is never easy but it gets twice as hard when the time to set foot in the gym comes! Sensing people staring at you, using unfamiliar equipment, and feeling out of place—these are all steps that veterans had to overcome one day. And now, they can’t live without the gym.

First of all, you should know that not all gym-goers are professionals. Some aim to become professionals, while others simply want to work off stress with cardio or weight training, relax their mind and body with yoga, or socialize. Everyone has their own reasons, just like you! Sure, it is easier said than done, but don’t be scared by those big guys who lift heavy weights or by those specialists who pile up reps. We all start from the beginning and this implies knowing what our level is and what we can or cannot do.

Once you are at the gym, it’s time to start. No matter what type of training you choose, employees are always happy to give you a hand, whether you are not sure how a machine works, want to check your posture, or need equipment such as elastic bands or foam rollers. Better safe than sorry. You can also ask questions to other athletes at the gym (always between reps!). Who knows, you might meet new people and make a few friends!

Not convinced yet? Bring a pen and a notebook to the gym. This way, you will be able to write down your training program in detail. Personal trainers can also help you come up with a program that fits your own specific needs. For more information, click here. You’ll feel more confident and won’t feel lost in this sea of people and machines.

First times are always scary, but don’t give up! Change is hard because it takes you out of your comfort zone. However, this new experience will make you discover new sensations, understand how your mind and body work, move more freely and spend time with your new friends.

In a way, the gym is one big family!