Competition Heating Up in Intramural Dodgeball

Wednesday November 11, 2015
Dodgeball teams

They say keeping your eye on the ball is the sure-fire way to succeed in the sports world, however that is easier said than done when there are five balls flying at you from across the red line. Intramural Dodgeball on Tuesday and Friday nights have the gym alive with the squeaking of sneakers, the shouting of players, the smacking of dodgeballs off the walls, floors and players not to mention the continuous tooting of whistles as the referees are calling players out as the games progress.

Competition is tough on both sides of the wall, the Tuesday night Garnet league keeps the referees on their toes as the balls are flying with rapid speed across the court. Knock You Naked is far from naked with their Aloha themed Hawaiian uniforms however the Average Joes are clawing at their leis as they strive for first place. The Mighty Docs are just that as they mightily take the third place as the veterans of the league. Their fresh recruitment Med Students making up the Meds team also in the league. The games are close but fun is never forgotten when Ballon Ballin and Deez Balls Got Eem are playing as you've never heard teams that laugh so much together!

Grey may stand for the non competitive side however competition is high with The Untouchaballs and the Dodgefathers tied for first place with the Farquaads close on their heels. Ducking out of this and Don't Stop Ballieving are neck and neck however the strategies of Untouchaballs and their creative cheering could bring them up from the bottom in record time to defend their title.

Tuesdays are making a killing in the dodgeball world however for the first time ever the Friday league is a super league with 10 teams as oppose to the regular 6. Balls and Dolls are undefeated as the veterans of the league holding their top spot. 2015 is close behind with a queue of DodgeCity, The Crazy Flying Spider Monkeys and Wu Tang Slam all vying for third place. Don't Stop Believing and Cant Dodge This are believing and dodging their way through as they compete with each other for the higher spot as No Scrubs, Ballon Ballin 3 and Average Joes battle their way from the bottom up.

It is never a dull moment at the Lees gym, tempers fly and the competition heats up as the playoffs are just around the corner. Each team wanting to reign supreme.

Kirsten Smythe, Head Dodgeball Referee

University of Ottawa