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Wednesday July 14, 2021
Student Employee

Are you considering finding a job in the beautiful city of Ottawa this fall? We have some options for you!

For on-campus jobs related to sports or facilities check the Gee-Gees employment website as postings will be change over time.

We asked some of the University of Ottawa’s student staff, what they liked about working on campus, here is what we gathered:

Héloise Massé, 4th year Nutrition student and fitness attendant:

I love the flexibility of the job, the fact that I can schedule shifts between my classes and that it is located right on campus! The staff is great and I like that I get to interact with many different people. This job is also a great opportunity to improve on your second language.

 Micaela Narine, 4th year Psychology student, fitness attendant and summer camps counsellor:

I love how understanding and accommodating coworkers and managers are. This job allows you to schedule shifts between classes in the way that best suits your other commitments. My favorite part of this job is meeting new people and making new friends! I also love getting to see client’s progress and that I get to help make their gym experience better.

Emil Al-Kadi, Biomedical Sciences graduate, fitness attendant, summer camps counsellor:

What I truly enjoyed about this job is the many opportunities it gave me within the university. Whether it was supervising rec shifts, writing articles for the GeeFeed, working for the Gee-Gees’ summer camps, or networking with employees of different faculties during the IFSC, I truly enjoyed the experiences they brought. Working as a fitness attendant taught me valuable lessons that helped develop my character. 

Our takeaways: working at the University is convenient and accommodating and allows you to meet people, to network and provides opportunities for professional and personal development.

We want to meet you! Apply now for a position working at the University of Ottawa this summer and have the summer of a lifetime! For more information on applications, visit this link.

 Want to make sure you land a job on campus? Be prepared!

Working on campus is a great opportunity for students! It allows you to work in a flexible and active environment that lets you face many challenges. These challenges have the potential to have a long-lasting impact on your career. If this type of opportunity interests you, make sure to get a step ahead to ensure you land the position. The Career Development Centre is here for that. If you need help with your resumé, interviews or you just want to chat with career counsellors about how to keep the odds on your side, the Career Development Centre has you covered. Book an appointment with a career counsellor at or send a chat to the career development center (via google hangout by adding to your contacts) and we will help you get the on-campus job you are looking for.