Come swim with Hannah!

Tuesday February 25, 2020

Going to the gym isn’t the only way to get a good workout in… Swimming and other aquatics activities are low impact and easy on the joints, making for a perfect workout.

Hannah Frazer is a student and varsity track and field athlete here at the University of Ottawa. On top of her studies and training, Hannah also works on campus as a Lifeguard. We sat down to talk to her about her experience as a student employee.

Hannah has been an aquatic instructor since she was 16 years old. She finds that water workouts help decrease her levels of stress, leaving her feeling refreshed. It is also a great option for cross-training while maintaining fitness!

As an instructor, she loves seeing a client reach their goal, whether that be overcoming their fear of submerging themselves underwater, swimming a full 25m length of the pool, or perfecting their swimming technique. She finds it amazing to see the smile on their face when they are successful and proud of themselves! Hannah wants you to know that despite the fact that learning to swim, or perfecting your swimming technique can be a daunting task, just taking the first step is a step in the right direction. She always tells her clients to 'be nice' to themselves as they learn and develop a new skill. She reminds them that they are only going to get as much out of the class as they put into it; meaning that their effort and attitude will determine their own success.

We asked her a very important (and very relatable) question: How do you motivate yourself when you do not feel like getting to the gym? Here are some helpful tips she shared with us:

  • Dress the part! Hannah always chooses to wear her yoga pants and a T-shirt, giving her one less excuse to skip out on that gym workout.
  • She recommends hitting the gym with a buddy! This helps to keep both her and her gym buddy accountable.
  • Go early in the morning (if you can) ... Hannah says there's nothing like having your workout done for the day by the time you'd normally be getting out of bed and eating breakfast.
  • Finally, and importantly, pump up the jams! She believes that a workout playlist is an absolute must. She listens to music to gear her up for a tough gym workout.

Feeling inspired? Get your workout on in one of the University of Ottawa’s sports facilities, like the pool at Montpetit! And register for lessons to get some professional coaching from one of our many instructors, like Hannah, on your path to wellness!