Check your posture!

Monday March 29, 2021
Person stretching

What is full Body Mobilization (FBM)?

Full Body Mobilization is a movement habit routine that involves moving your body through a multitude of ranges of motion. It is comprised of a series of 11 movements that challenge all the joints in your body as seen in this video.

Why should I practice full body Mobilization?

There are many benefits to giving the FBM a try.

  • It allows you to develop a multitude of big and strong ranges of motion
  • It helps the body recover faster
  • FBM reduces and prevents injuries
  • It promotes maintenance
  • It helps you progress movements
  • FBM helps with developing greater body awareness

When should I do the FBM routine?

Anytime! When you wake up, when youve been sitting for a long time or before a workout are all great times to run through a quick FBM routine but there really isnt a bad time to do it!

Breakdown of our go-to FBM routine:


  • Neck Circles
  • Shoulder Circles
  • Arm Circles


  • Standing Side to Side Bend
  • Standing Front to Back Flexion & Extension
  • Standing Twist / Rotation


  • Standing Hip Circles
  • Cossack
  • Spilt Squat
  • Single Leg RDL
  • Ninja Squat to Ankle Rotations

There are many other ways to work on your mobility, do what works for you! Yoga is another great option to move your joints, check out one of our yoga classes