April Break Camps Recap

Wednesday May 5, 2021

This year’s school break left the Gee-Gees camps team feeling great! They had so much fun with all the kids and families that took part in the virtual programming. They have already started counting down the days to summer camps!

Here are some highlights from this year’s school break camps:

  • Wearing out the counselors! Our active dice activity had our counselor and kids getting active! The kids thought it was hilarious to watch our counselor get tired out from the exercise and kept asking him to do more reps.
  • The drawing duo! Two sisters participated in almost every activity! Their favourite? One of our drawing activities.
  • Drawing a dodo bird! Our learn-to-draw sessions were full of silly choices of what to draw! These included a dodo bird, swing set, Jedi and a brontosaurus. Participants and staff all drew at the same time during these sessions.
  • Social time! There were about 5-6 kids who returned for almost every activity, this allowed the counselors to get to know them and socialize! This was a very welcome experience for kids and staff during the stay-at-home order!

What was your favourite part of our April camps? Let us know via email!

PS: we still have some spots left in our Gee-Gees summer camps, sign up for the fun!