Another Successful Interfaculty and Services Challenge

Friday October 26, 2018
interfaculty team

The uOttawa Interfaculty and Services Challenge (IFSC) brought faculty and services together through a recreational volleyball tournament on Tuesday, October 23rd. 10 teams from eight faculties and services took part.

The IFSC tournament provides opportunities for faculty and service members to unite as Gee-Gees while competing against other faculties and services in a recreational environment on the Tuesday of every Fall Reading Week. It takes place in a venue where faculty, students and university staff can socialize and interact with one another while participating in sport. This interaction, along some friendly competition amongst the faculties and services, help participants feel a stronger sense of attachment to both their faculty and the University as a whole to increase overall school spirit.

There were many battles in the six-match tournament with team Med Smash (Faculty of Medicine) winning over team T-Bashers (Sports Services) in the finals. You may find the final rankings below and you can click here for a gallery of photos from a night of great fun and engagement.

  1. Med Smash (Faculty of Medicine)
  2. T-Bashers (Sports Services)
  3. Liber-ators (Sports Services)
  4. Bib-Lib Power (Library)
  5. Engineering 2 (Faculty of Engineering)
  6. Engineering 1 (Faculty of Engineering)
  7. SASS Smashers  (SASS)
  8. Panda Sets (Student Life)
  9. Residence Life (Housing)
  10. Coop & CDC (Co-Op and Careers)

See you all next year.