Another Great Season of Dodgeball has Started

Monday October 3, 2016
Girl throwing a dodgeball.
Richard A. Whittaker

It is the first week of intramurals and at the Lees gym there are quite a few new changes to the dodgeball program. First and foremost I would like to have a moment of silence for the loss of the great wall that once divided the gym right down the middle, separating the courts for the Garnet and Grey leagues… But, with every loss comes an opportunity and this opportunity is presented in the form of the shiny new floor and freshly painted walls. This floor could be all that the players need in order to take down the returning champs from previous seasons and for new teams to show intramural dodgeball what they are made of. This floor promises to have better bounces for the balls and is easier on the joints to run on, this floor could be the key. For all those who have yet to make the journey to the Lees gym to see this sight, that just means that you are going to have to make a dodgeball team for next semester and come out to see it for yourself.

The floor and the lack of wall are not the only changes made to this season, dodgeball now has an entirely new night. Thursdays were added to the Tuesday, Friday dodgeball family and have opened up even more opportunities for teams to compete for the coveted top prize. Additionally, there are teams that are competing for the rights to their name as the “Average Joes”  face off against the “Average Gooos” on Tuesdays and “Decks out for Harambe” are competing against “Balls out for Harambe” on Fridays

As the season is just starting and teams are still sizing each other up we have yet to see where the rivalries lie and if the returning champs will be able to maintain their spots on top. They better get dodging.

Kirsten - Head Referee and Supervisor - Dodgeball