A Gee-Gees Centre of High Performance to benefit everyone

Wednesday October 21, 2015
Montpetit Hall

Sports Services will proceed with renovations to the basement level of Montpetit Hall in order to construct a new training centre.

This high performance centre for Gee-Gees will be a place where our athletes can train and benefit from the best possible facilities to maximize their sport performance. The addition of the Centre aligns directly with the goals of Sports Services to provide facility improvements in order to better serve the needs of all of our users.

The creation of the Centre will without doubt make a difference for all student-athletes, but equal benefit will come to all members of the fitness centres at both the Minto Sports Complex and Montpetit Hall. In effect, the new space will alleviate traffic the from the crowded fitness centres and as a result improve the overall experience to all our users. In addition, there will be more fitness programs and personal training sessions in the new centre.

The new Gee-Gees Centre for High Performance will be located on the basement level of Montpetit Hall, where there are currently squash courts. Please note that beginning November 9, 2015, these squash courts will be closed and not reopened. The squash courts at the Minto Sports Complex will remain available.