Group Fitness

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  • One hour of leg burning, buttock busting and abdominal tightening exercises...sound like fun? It is! This class focuses on teaching you the most effective firming and toning exercises for the areas of the body people complain about the most. Take this class and complain no more!

  • This high intensity step class includes more advanced choreography. It is recommended that you have participated in at least 10 step classes prior to joining this class.

  • Use the principles of stability and balance to train your core stability, joint stability and major muscle groups using the stability ball. This class uses the stability ball throughout, taking you through exercises using hand weights, body bars and your own body resistance. Help create proximal strength for distal movement.

  • Aqua Fitness is all about fun and music. We are moving in chest-deep water to some choreographed songs. It's a cardio workout and muscle strengthening will happen naturally with the water resistance.  We will incorporate some abdominal work and stretching at the end of our sessions.

  • People doing exercise in water.
  • Drills, drills, drills! This is an advanced, high-energy class, which combines sports conditioning drills and core stabilizer exercises. Through the use of various drills and props, emphasis is placed on agility, balance, strength and cardio-vascular endurance.
  • Your instructor will guide you through an intense cardiovascular workout using a variety of low and high impact moves. Sweating guaranteed!

  • People dancing Djamboola.

  • Using cardio exercises with intense interval bursts and resistance training this class will challenge all of your energy systems! The recipe is simple: 3.5 minutes of cardio, 30 seconds to 1 minute interval, 1-2 minutes of resistance training, then repeat. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Liquid Lunch is a fun 40 minutes cardio/toning class with music, which uses a variety of movements in the deep end of the pool with the help of a floating belt.

  • PILOXING® is a fun and energizing group fitness class that mixes the speed, agility and power of boxing, the core strength and flexibility of Pilates, and the fun and calming nature of dance. This class will be full of energy! (Photo:

  • Calling all steppers! Enjoy a high intensity step class catered to all levels. Step promises to be an upbeat class that challenges you both physically and mentally.

  • Harder, fitter, quicker! This high intensity interval training is not your everyday workout! This revolutionary training provides a full-body workout that will help boost your fitness level in less time. You’ll even burn more calories AFTER your workout! If you are not seeing stars afterward, you didn't work hard enough!

  • Punch, kick and block your way to a great workout. Using the martial arts and boxing techniques your instructor will guide you through an intense cardiovascular training session. Sweating guaranteed!

  • Use the step to add a new level to your Tae Cardio workout. This class involves little choreography and lots of intensity. Get ready to push yourself to new limits!

  • Increase your endurance, muscular mass as well as your metabolism with resistance training. This course integrates hand weights, body bars, body weight as well as stability balls and resistance tubes. This class leads you through a series of resistance training exercises. Your muscles will thank you!

  • Find calmness, steadiness of the mind, strength and self-reliance by listening to your body through the flow of movement and breath. This is a challenging and rewarding workout derived from the physical practice of yoga.

  • This cardio fitness class, inspired by Latin and International dance, will guarantee smiling and sweating the whole way through! No dance experience necessary. The instructor will incorporate different dance styles: salsa, merengue, samba, belly dance, reggaeton, and hip hop. Try it once and you'll be hooked!