We are excited to be re-opening many of our facilities  as of November 16, 2020. We have updated a number of our procedures to ensure the safety of all visitors. Please be sure to read these safety procedures before visiting our facilities. The pool will now be open to both students and employees, while other sports facilities such as fitness centres and gyms will continue to be available only to students until further notice. This is due to the fact that sports facility capacity still remains reduced to ensure that physical distancing and other safety measures are maintained.  We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to welcoming employees back to all of our facilities soon.

The University of Ottawa sports services is proud to offer to their community of students and to its collectivity the occasion to take advantage of their high quality installations. Sports services installations will please each in everyone with its three gymnasiums, its 50-meter Olympic size swimming pool, its fitness centre, its Tae E. Lee Martial Arts room, its three American size squash court, its dance studio and its saunas.

Located downtown Ottawa, the sports installations of the University of Ottawa are close to everything and offer all the necessary resources to conserve an active lifestyle.

Montpetit Hall

  • Three gymnasiums
  • 50-meter Olympic size swimming pool
  • Fitness Centre. Before accessing the fitness centre, you must register for your workout. 
  • Tae E. Lee Martial Arts room
  • Dance studio
  • Saunas

Minto Sports Complex

  • Two ice rinks
  • One outdoor multi-sports field (FIFA 2-Star certification)
  • One Health and Lifestyle CentreBefore accessing the fitness centre, you must register for your workout. 
  • Two International size Squash Courts
  • One multisports room

Lees Campus

  • One multisport year-round field covered with a synthetic surface and covered by a dome during the winter months.
  • One gymnasium with a Taraflex synthetic surface, ideal for volleyball and soccer.