Head Referee - Flag Football

Posting Dates: 
Thursday July 15, 2021 to Monday August 16, 2021
Number of Positions: 
September - April
Hourly Rate: 
Job Description: 

All referees are required to apply and enforce the rules established for their sport to the best of their abilities. The Football Head Referee is tasked with hiring, managing, and supervising all Football referees and ensuring a high level of officiating is maintained and consistent.  The successful candidate must also verify all game sheets, settle any disputes that arise, and sit in on Disciplinary Committee Meetings. Additionally, the Football Head Referee will ensure that all Intramural Program policies and league procedures are upheld to provide an enjoyable and safe playing environment. Head Referees will report to the Intramural Programs’ Coordinator and Assistant Coordinators while working in conjunction with League Supervisors.   

Experience / skills required:

  • Recognized Football Referee Certification;
  • Significant experience working as referee (3+ years);
  • Previous experience in an Intramural  or Recreational Program (participant and/or official);
  • CPR and/or First Aid
  • Excellent organizational, communication,  and interpersonal skills;
  • Leadership and ability to work as part of a dynamic team;
  • Good language competency (oral, written and comprehension) in both English and French;
  • Experience in a supervisory and/or in a customer service role;

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Before the season:

  • Hire and train football referees;
  • Organize training sessions at the beginning of each term to review rules and general guidelines for the leagues;
  • Ensure all Football referees are given jerseys. The Head Referee must also ensure that these jerseys are returned at the end of the season;
  • Gather pertinent information from referees, including direct deposit slips and proof of certification;
  • Create referee schedules in advanced;
  • Attend all mandatory meetings and information sessions;
  • Review league rules & make any specific modifications after coordinator approval

During the season:

  • Remain updated on all current football  rules and procedures;
  • Ensure league rules and procedures are followed fairly by all participants and employees;
  • Find replacements, or replace referees that are unable to attend games;
  • Lead by example when refereeing games;
  • Verify all football game sheets;
  • Continually communicate with Assistant Coordinators throughout season;
  • Perform evaluations of all Football  Referees twice per semester and provide constructive feedback;
  • Submit referees’ hours to the Assistant Coordinator  by deadline to ensure payment;
  • In the event of a major incident, the Head Referee must collect all relevant documents and data and meet with the disciplinary committee;
  • Work in conjunction with league supervisors to ensure leagues run smoothly;
  • Inform team captains and the League Supervisor of any decision made regarding a league incident;
  •  Professionally deal with any questions, comments, or concerns from players and/or referees.

Note: Referees cannot play in a league in which they officiate

Send resume to: 

Please send your resume and a cover letter to intramur@uottawa.ca.