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  • Cheerleading

    Age: 6 to 14

    GO GEE-GEES GO! Join our cheerleading camp for a week of pom-poms, laughter and cheer. Our experienced instructors teach campers basic cheerleading stunts, motions and jumps, along with exciting and engaging cheers to create fun-filled and entertaining routines.

  • Danse créative

    Age: 6 to 9

    Our creative dance camp gives campers a chance to shine! Participants will learn a variety of skills from dance categories such as jazz and Broadway style. All participants will work on improving their coordination, balance and agility as they learn choreographed routines and make new friends.

  • Multiple Sports

    Age -  (6 to 9)
    Junior Gee-Gees with Introduction to Sports is ideal for the high energy sports lover who is looking for fun. In this camp, participants will be introduced to different sports in a safe and exciting environment. Our staff are ready to give participants a memorable week where they learn the fundamentals of sports.

  • Jeunes moniteurs

    Age: 14 to 17

    Thinking of becoming a camp counselor? Want to be more involved in your high school or community? This intense four-week camp is specifically designed for those who enjoy taking charge and leading group activities.

  • Danse populaire

    Age: 10 to 14

    Do you ever feel inspired by music so much that you just have to dance? Do you want to learn the dance moves from all your favourite music videos? This is the camp for you! Campers will be taught how to blend different dance styles and favourite songs into choreographed routines.

  • Nageuse

    Age: 6 à 14

    Take to the pool with our enthusiastic and certified swimming instructors. Swimming camps all include sessions from the Lifesaving Society’s “Swim for Life Program”. These daily one-hour sessions include entries and exits, surface support, underwater skills, survival skills, movement skills and Water Smarts® education.