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Other Services

Student-Athlete Support

The University of Ottawa Sports Services value the importance of supporting a student-athlete in all areas of their development. Below are some of the support services provided to all varsity student-athletes.

Academic Services

Academic counseling and guidance provided by student mentors assigned to each varsity team; access to tutoring services for student-athletes in need; various team-run academic support programs.

Admissions Support

Prior to being admitted, an Admissions Liaison within Sport Services can help you prepare and submit your application, provide guidance and advice on program availability and support with any admissions inquiries.

Student-Athlete Eligibility

University of Ottawa student-athletes are required to be registered full-time (12 credits or as designated by your Faculty) while they are competing. If you have questions about, or are considering changing your academic status, you must contact the head coach of the program, the Student-Athlete Services Officer, or the Assistant Athletic Director, Programs&Services BEFORE DOING ANYTHING.

For general information on student-athlete eligibility, consult the CIS Athlete’s Guide.

Doping Policies

All Canadian Interuniversity Sport student-athletes are part of CCES’ (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport) testing pool and have a chance of being tested for use of prohibited substances.

For general information on doping control, consult the CIS Athlete’s Guide.