*Please note, these classes are not offered during our spring/summer registration period.

Love to dance? Get moving with a wide variety of beginner dance classes. Each course is taught by experienced instructors, even some professional dancers. They effectively pass on their skills and knowledge in a variety of traditional and modern types of dance.

Ballet ShoesThis course is designed for the adult with little training in dance. Emphasis is put on body placement and proper use of muscles to improve coordination and musicality in movement. Note: It is recommended that participants wear comfortable clothing for this course. All levels are welcomed.

Capoeira dancers.Capoeira is an art in itself, which cannot be confused with any other form of dance or martial arts. It was created in Brazil. Capoeira is a dance which integrates elements of martial arts, such as combat moves, with music. All levels are welcomed.


Reggae danser.Learn a whole range of reggae based moves and dance routines as seen in clubs and videos of Sean Paul, Rihanna, Major Lazor and others. Dancehall fuses together elements of reggae, hip-hop, electro, Carribean vibes and more! Learn how to whine your waist while working up a sweat! All levels are welcomed.


Hip Hop danser.Learn the steps seen in the most popular music videos and TV shows. Course emphasis is on learning and mastering hip-hop routines. Note: It is recommended that participants wear comfortable clothing for this course. Two levels are offered: beginner and advanced.


Jazz Danser.Learn basic jazz steps with the integration of Hip Hop. In addition, technique, floor and bar work will help build the flexibility and strength needed for dance. This class is designed for those with little or no dance experience. Note: It is recommended that participants wear comfortable clothing for this course. All levels are welcomed.

Lyrical Danser.Lyrical dance is a mixture of Ballet and Jazz which can be associated with contemporary or modern. This style is often seen on the show So You Think You Can dance. In this class we will be using basic Ballet and Jazz steps in combinations choreographed to express the lyrics of the music. The goal is to tell the story of the song through our movements. A previous class in jazz or ballet is needed to participate in this class. All levels are welcomed.

Piloxing Danser.

A complementary program to PILOXING®, PILOXING® Barre is a comprehensive, well-rounded workout that is low-impact, yet intensity building. This new program creates full body awareness utilizing a Ballet Barre for the entire class, both standing and grounded. Overall, PILOXING® Barre, with PILOXING® signature-style of power, fluidity and grace, will burn calories, and re-define your body in a way that feels amazing! All levels are welcomed.

Lyrical Danser.Are you ready to enhance your dancing abilities and challenge yourself with advanced Zumba? This 10-week Zumba program will begin at a regular pace, progressing and finishing off with more advanced choreography and a higher pace. Each Zumba class will feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Your energy levels will be soaring, all while getting fit! There's no other fitness class like a Zumba Party! All levels are welcomed.