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Lionel Woods headshot

Lionel Woods

Head coach
Since 1992

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Ling Lee headshot

Ling Lee

Head Assistant Coach (setting and offensive systems)
Since 1992

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Kalyn Mostert headshot

Kalyn Mostert

Assistant Coach (wing hitters)
Since 2013

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Lenny Sabourin headshot

Lenny Sabourin

Assistant Coach (strength AND CONDITIONING and liberos)
Since 2004

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John Mostert headshot

John Mostert

Assistant coach

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Simone Julien headshot

Simone Julien

Strength coach

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Bill Swyers headshot

Bill Swyers

Head recruiter
Since 1997

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Marcela Mansure

Setter Development

Isabelle Aube headshot


Head physiotherapist


Renata Frankovich headshot

Sarah Bilous

Assistant student athletic trainer

Jenna Sarjeant headshot

Jenna Sarjeant

Student trainer