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About us

Our Mission

We continually work with consistency to be the model of football excellence in Canada. The atmosphere surrounding the team is productive and supportive, allowing all members to develop and grow to become stalwarts of society. We treasure character, discipline, and strive to stretch our potential to the limit by applying the principle of continuous and never-ending improvement. Our efforts are guided by six cornerstones of effectiveness. As a team, we value being an indivisible entity, the integrity of all our members, our professionalism at all times, the discipline applied to all that we do, the trust and solidarity that binds us together, and the need for consistency inour efforts. We believe that living by these values, while having fun, will make us better.

On and off the field, we are a closely-knit group, working, playing, and performing together to achieve team goals. Together, we serve as models for University of Ottawa students to develop pride in their school. Through achieving our goals, we hope to build a strong alumnus that is deeply involved with the program, and shares in our success. We also want to ensure that present and future alumni receive recognition for the tradition and legacy they helped create, but also the help they provide to make us champions.

Coaching Staff

Our coaches are a passionate group of individuals fuelled by the desire to help our young men reach their full potential on and off the field. Being a Gee-Gee is a yearlong commitment. Our strength and conditioning program, in addition to our speed program, give our student-athletes the tools to become true impact players in Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS). Every aspect of the game is covered and dissected. However, it is extremely important that the mental side of the game is not forgotten. To ensure our players do not fall behind in this aspect, our staff includes an academic coach.


The Gee-Gees are first and foremost student-athletes. This is why our program provides our players with every resource needed to excel in the classroom. The Gee-Gees are one of very few CIS teams to have a coach dedicated specifically to the academic excellence of all players. Study hall is a fixture of our academic support program as is the “Side-by-Side” program allows for more focus on the academic improvement of student-athletes in the classroom. Side-by-Side connects the Gee-Gees with tutors and offers online interactive forums to relay concerns and support between the student-athlete and the academic support team.

Student Life

Our student-athletes are campus leaders and the Gee-Gee tradition is highly respected amongst our university community. Be a Gee-Gee and feel what it is like to be the pride of uOttawa varsity sports!

The will to win has to be preceded by the will to prepare to win!

Our Gee-Gees are well known for their performance on the football field, but what is not as well known are some of the reasons why they have been enjoying so much success over the years. Gee-Gees athletes will tell you; there’s no magic, just hard work and devoted coaches.

Athletic Development

Strength is a definite cornerstone of the Gee-Gees football training program. To be a solid football player you need to combine strength, power and speed in all aspects of the game. Functional strength and speed, is what our Gee-Gees strive for in order to be winners on and off the field!