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Athletic Therapy Team

Sports Servics Job Fair - March 30.

Crissy McPhee


Jill Stockton

ASSISTANT Athletic Therapist

Sarah Keindal

ASSISTANT Athletic Therapist

Student-Trainer for the 2016-2017 Season

Women's Soccer

  • Daniela Adamantino
  • Elaine Barden

Women's Rugby

  • Sophie Drouin
  • Eleanor Miller


  • Katie Greiss
  • Michela Iannetti
  • Alexis O'Bryan

Women's Volleyball

  • Claudine Nafaa
  • Jennifer Ham

Women's Hockey

  • Lesley Baker
  • Melodie Mercier

Men's Hockey

  • Zach Bergeron
  • Arianne Bérubé-Lavoie

Women's Basketball

  • Taylor Baird
  • Ashlea Desroches

Men's Basketball

  • Baya Dahmani
  • Lily Tran


Congratulations to the new student trainer class! We look forward to working with you in the 2016-2017 varsity season.

Athletic Therapy team.