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Rugby (M)

Men's Rugby On Matt Anthony Field, in front of the field goal post.


The uOttawa Gee Gee’s Men’s Rugby Club serves to improve the student experience for those attending the University of Ottawa by teaching and building upon rugby skills, promoting team spirit through competitive games with other rugby clubs, providing a forum for athletic conditioning, and establishing an environment that fosters positive lifelong friendships.


The uOttawa Gee Gee’s Men’s Rugby Club was founded in 2002 and played its first game in the fall of that year. The team is a certified, registered club with Sport Services of the University of Ottawa and is a member of Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada.

In 2015, the club became a student-governed body.

For Prospective Players:

Any and all students who would like to play rugby and are willing to put in some solid effort should attend training camp. 

Here is a map to Robinson Field.

Where the team is going:

2016 marks the first year the team will participate in a league playing against other university teams guaranteeing us more games and steady competition against other strong rugby teams.

UOttawa will carry two teams, a Division 1 and Division 2. The team is also moving to a full school year program, continuing training and competing into the winter months.  

The team will be welcoming a new coaching team this year. It is an exciting time to be part of the program!

Club Executive Board:

Head Coach Stephanie Crawley:
Coach Jeff Feeney:
President Aria Keshoofy:
V. President Chris Thomas:
First Year Liaison Asif Nazerally:
Manager Phil Harvey:
Social and Fund Raising Chair Dillon Mallory:
Communications Chair John Dent

Jeff Feeney