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Fastball (W)

Fastball team.

The Gee-Gees are thrilled to announce that 9 team members competed at Canadian Championships this past summer, and all 9 won medals.  Of special note, Vanessa Homiak won Gold Medals at both the Jr and Sr women's National Championships.

2009 represents a special year for the team as they will be chasing their 100th win and will represent Ontario at the 2nd Annual Canadian University Championship in Kitchener-Waterloo on Thanksgiving weekend.

The coaching staff will have a fresh look with new coach, Jason McDonald joining Jenny Allen and Scott Searle.  Although Jason is new to our program, he is no stranger to softball. He coached the Orleans Rebels in 1999, when they became the first team from the Ottawa area to qualify for the Nationals. He joins 3-time Eastern Canadian Champion and professional personal trainer Jenny Allen who is back for her 2nd year and Scott Searle who is currently in his second year of the National Coaching Institute. He is expected to graduate with his level 5 coaching in the Spring.

Grace Lonergan